As a high income earner, how are you protecting your income to be sure you have maximum protection?

You may have a group long term disability policy through your employer but what percent of your income is that actually protecting? Most group LTD policies protect 60% of your income but the maximum payout is typically capped at $10,000 or $15,000 per month. Additionally, these plans typically do not cover incentive compensation. If you earn a significant income there is a way to increase your protection. 

One way to achieve greater protection is with an individual disability policy that supplements your company's group LTD benefit. That still may not protect all of your income so you can add a secondary individual disability policy to cover the gap.

With a minimum participation level of 5 employees these policies may be issued on a guaranteed basis. The greater the number of employees participating allows for higher benefit amounts. These policies are owned by the individual employee and are completely portable. 













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