Medical expenses are still the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States. (


Every single health plan has gaps and no health plan covers all of your medical expenses.

High deductible health plans have become more common leaving more potential out of pocket exposure to consumers.  With proper planning and plan selection you can utilize supplemental plans to help offset the cost of deductibles and out of pocket costs. 

Major illnesses such as cancer, heart attack and stroke have a much bigger financial impact. We can help address these concerns and show how to obtain affordable protection.

Major Illness Plans - Provides cash in the event of a diagnosis of life threatening cancer, heart attack and stroke. More people are living longer with these illnesses but costs associated with them continue to increase as well. 


Accident/Injury Plans - Provides cash for a variety of injuries such as broken bones, hospitalization due to an accident, emergency room visits and more. 


Hospitalization Plans - Provides cash in the event of a hospitalization due to illness or an accident. Benefit payment can last for up to one year.  

Dental & Vision Plans - Individual and group plans.

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